Expert training for healthcare, with emphasis on the diagnostic laboratory.

Learner Skill Level: Beginner

Learner Skill Level: Novice

Experience Level: I am not familiar with process improvement methods and tools; I have had little experience with the content listed on this site


The following topics are recommended for the novice learner

  • A3 Method of Problem Solving
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Quality Tools
  • Introduction to Lean
  • Observation
  • Kaizen
  • 5S Workplace Organization 

We offer multiple ways for you to take courses on these subjects:

By Industry


Courses for Healthcare focus on a healthcare application of the methods and materials.

Courses for the Diagnostic Laboratory focus on applications of the methods and materials in the diagnostic laboratory.

By Level of Effort


101 Courses: Lecture, assignments, case studies, reflection topics and quiz with CEUs and a certificate of completion.

Fast Track Courses: Lecture and quiz with CEUs and a certificate of completion.

Free Courses: Short lecture only–no CEUs and no certificate of completion.

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