Expert training for healthcare, with emphasis on the diagnostic laboratory.

Bundled Courses

The Brainbuster Series is a combination of bundled courses designed to provide the ultimate learning experience and the greatest value for your time investment.


Brainbuster Course Bundle: Process Optimization in the Diagnostic Laboratory

17.5 Contact hours ($175.00): In this learning path of 3 courses, you'll learn Lean principles, tools and techniques to understand where the problems exist, how to eliminate them from occurring and how to create a waste free laboratory.


Brainbuster Course Bundle: Operational Strategies for Lean Leaders

18 Contact hours ($179.00): In this learning path of 3 courses, you'll understand how to leverage the importance of leadership, structures, processes, people and synergistic activities to align the organization towards continual improvement.


Brainbuster Course Bundle: Lean Operational Efficiency

16.0 Contact hours ($159.99): In this learning path of 3 courses, we'll learn the how to plan, conduct and execute a Kaizen event to brainstorm the way the process looks today. You will use the methodology and tools of Lean to develop all steps of a process redesign for an efficient future state by continuous problem solving.


Brainbuster Course Bundle: Mini-Series – Fast Track Method for Improving Diagnostic Laboratory Processes

10.0 Contact hours ($99.99): This 2 course learning path provides the methods and tools of Lean to identify process waste, defective handoffs and understand how to apply an A3 problem solving technique.

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