Expert training for healthcare, with emphasis on the diagnostic laboratory.



Fast Track: A3 Problem Solving in the Laboratory

2.0 Contact hours ($19.99): In this course, you will learn the A3 Problem Solving approach to improvement. An A3 is a team-based data and process driven structured Lean method to eliminate defects. You will learn the A3 problem solving process: Gather the team, note the details of the problem, collect data, brainstorm and implement solutions all based on data.


Fast Track: Conducting a 5S Event in the Laboratory

2.0 Contact hours ($19.99): In this course, you will learn how to plan, prepare, organize, execute and facilitate a 5 S workplace organizational methodology that include the following phases: Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.


Fast Track Course: Executing a Rapid Kaizen Event

3.0 Contact hours ($29.99): This course is designed to instruct the learner how to lead a Kaizen Event. Kaizen is a synergistic rapid improvement methodology focused on creating productive change by improving a process by the use of Lean tools.


Fast Track: Observation: Go, See and Ask “Why?”

3.0 Contact hours ($29.99): In this course, you will learn how to conduct an observation in the area of improvement and understand how to follow a unit of work through the process in order to gain an understanding of the the origin, reason, handoffs and path of a defect. “Go and see” event allows us to understand actual value-add activities in comparison to wasteful defective processes.


Fast Track: Value Stream Mapping: Design Waste-Free Laboratory Processes

3 Contact hours. ($29.99) In this course, you will learn how to design a simplistic current state value stream map of a laboratory process. You will identify non-value add waste, value-add activities, bottlenecks and redundant paths. You will understand the steps to eliminate waste and redesign a future or an improved state.


Fast Track: Adapting Toyota Principles to Laboratory Workflow

3.0 Contact hours. ($29.99): In this course, you will learn the Lean tools, fundamentals of work rules and understand how to apply the continuous improvement methodology of the Toyota Production System principles adaptable and specific to laboratory work flow.


Fast Track: Introduction to Lean: Tools and Concepts Specific to Laboratories

3.0 Contact hours ($29.99): In this course, we will define the principles, methodology and tools of LEAN adaptable to specific laboratory work processes. We will understand how to identify and eliminate the 8 deadly wastes referred to as non-value add activities and apply the principles and concepts of LEAN to redesign the process or eliminate the problem from occurring.


Fast Track: Lean Management: Creating a Lean Structure in the Laboratory

3.0 Contact hours ($29.99): In this course, you will learn development of leadership, operational structures, processes, people and synergistic activities that align the entire organization towards continual improvement. You will learn the methods, tools, principles of Lean and understand how to adopt these techniques to our specific laboratory environment.


A3: Problem Solving in Healthcare (Fast Track)

2.0 Contact hours ($19.99): In this course, you will learn a structured method of problem solving based on data to find root causes, brainstorm solutions and implement workable solutions.

Fast Track Value Stream Map

Value Stream Mapping: Healthcare Process Redesign (Fast Track)

1.0 Contact hour ($9.99): In this course you will learn how to create a current state value stream map. This map will allow you to identify bottlenecks and barriers to workflow. By the use of meaningful metrics, we brainstorm opportunities for an improved, efficient future state.

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