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Full-Level: A3: Problem Solving in the Laboratory

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Welcome to A3 Problem Solving for the Diagnostic Medical Laboratory!

A3 Problem Solving is a team based data and process driven structured method to get to root causes and implement solutions in your lab. The A3 Problem Solving method consists of 8 sections that all fit on one large sheet of paper. Four sections define the Current State and four define the Future or Desired State. You will benefit from learning how to execute each of the sections or elements to solve problems permanently. The course will take approximately 4 hours and you do it at your own pace. We will also offer workshops so you can ask specific questions and learn from what other lab students are working on.

This course will prepare you to formulate an A3 – organize each of the 8 elements of an A3 diagram for your lab. You will learn how to integrate: process flow diagrams, five why problem solving, fishbone diagrams, and Plan Do Check Act (PDCA cycles) for your A3 problem analysis.

Learning Objectives: At the completion of this course the learner will be able to:

  1. Follow A 3 background/logic
  2. Evaluate/interpret each A 3 Element
  3. Formulate an A 3, – organize each element of an A 3 diagram for your lab
  4. Integrate : process flow diagrams,  five why problem solving, fishbone diagrams, and Plan Do Check Act (PDCA cycles) for your A 3 problem analysis

The course will take the learner approximately 4 hours to complete and includes the following:

  1. Seven short video lecture presentations: each 7-12 minutes in length
  2. A Quiz with 10 Questions
  3. One reflection point (requires critical thinking)
  4. A case study article review to analyze:
    – Which A3 sections were explained/utilized? Type of before and after data strategies used by authors?
    – Which problem solving tools were best used to get to the root causes?
    – How could the authors have improved the A3?

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