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Bundle: Lean Operational Efficiency

Bundle: Lean Operational Efficiency

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Greetings and Welcome to Lean Operational Efficiency!

This course will prepare the learner with the skill to achieve processes that demonstrate operational efficiency in the laboratory. In this series, the learner will learn how to plan, conduct and execute a Kaizen event with the team for a specified period of time. We will use the methodology and tools of Lean to develop all steps of a process and brainstorm a value stream current state design or an illustration of the way the process looks today. Once the current state process is complete, we will identify inefficiency and bottlenecks embedded within that process considered waste. Through a structured team approach to brainstorming noted as opportunities for improvement, we will understand how to reduce laboratory process inefficiency by the elimination of waste, process problems or bottlenecks. The learner will understand how to redesign an improved future state through a team approach to continuous improvement and learn how to eliminate or resolve the deficiencies by the use the scientific method of problem solving.

  • As a part of these lessons, you will complete:
    1. 3 Quizzes
    2. 6 Reflection points–questions for more critical thinking
    3. 3 Assignments

Learning Objectives: At the end of this series the learner will be able to:

  • Kaizen
    • Describe the meaning, process and application of a Kaizen event
    • Explain the Lean tools used
    • Demonstrate the process steps of a Kaizen Event

  • Value Stream Mapping
    • Summarize wasteful activities in a current state map
    • Estimate the origin of non-value-added activities within the laboratory work flow
    • Describe redesign ideas for a future state map to contain only value add processes

  • A3
    • Follow A 3 background/logic
    • Evaluate/interpret each A 3 Element
    • Formulate an A 3, – organize each element of an A 3 diagram for your lab
    • Integrate: process flow diagrams, five why problem solving, fishbone diagrams, and Plan Do Check Act (PDCA cycles) for your A 3 problem analysis

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