Equip the Team with the Skills to Accomplish Organizational Efficiency

At Laboratory Learning Solutions we offer courses in the field of continuous improvement both onsite and virtual. We assist the learner apply the methods, techniques and tools to eliminate organizational waste, defective processes and save costs. 

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may need our assistance: 

  • Are your days filled with redoing work or consistently fixing issues?
  • Are launching projects problematic or do they seem to continue to go on with no resolution?
  • Do you miss deadlines?
  • Does your organization struggle with customer, clinician, or surgeon complaints? 
If you’re burdened with any of the above, we can help! We align courses with an organized team approach through mentorship, guidance and ongoing support. If your organization is in need of a synergistic approach to improve defective, inefficient processes look no further!

Virtual Courses

Virtual training programs include:

*Video presentations
*Reflection questions*Course Project*Exams to test your understanding *Expert instructor* Post training-ongoing scheduled virtual team sessions

Onsite at Your organization

Avoid travel expenses. Educate your staff of 5 or more at your facility:

Onsite facilitated training includes:

*Live presentations*Breakout sessions*Course project
*Training materials * Expert instructor* Facilitator
* Post training-ongoing scheduled virtual groups sessions

Register for selected online or virtual courses and receive 4 free live interactive virtual group sessions hosted by expert instructors. Request more information.

Virtual Courses

Choose from many courses/bundles/programs to meet the needs of the learner.

Onsite Training

Register the team for onsite training and we'll provide education at your facility.

Interactive Sessions

We host weekly live interactive sessions to assist the team apply lessons learned to the work environment.

Expert Educators

Learn from highly experienced and qualified educators.

Learn From The Experts

The virtual interactive sessions are hosted by expert instructors that guide the team to apply the tools, methods and techniques learned from onsite or online learning to your live work environment. 


William Michael Krzisnik

Rita D'Angelo

Onsite or Virtual Programs to Accomplish Any Goal

Join other satisfied Learners

“The course was easy to understand, well-designed and easy to navigate."
The pace of the course was good! I found the testing that was included provided good and proper feedback to see if I was really understanding the concepts presented. I participated in many online training in my career and these are at the top of the list.
Tim Weinschenker
“Very useful and easy to understand..”
Kiranjit Kaur
“ The Healthcare and laboratory industry is long overdue to apply Six Sigma principles”

"It was a great summary of condensed information. It was alot to cover in two days, but the teachings were laid out in a well thought out sequence. I appreciate this training so much."
Tami Shaw

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