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Operational Strategies for Lean Leaders


18.5 Contact hour(s) This virtual series includes a bundle of 3 courses:  1) Introduction to Lean 2) Lean Management 3) Lean Operational Strategy In this series, the learner will understand the importance of leadership, operational structures, processes, people and synergistic activities that align the entire organization towards continual improvement. We will learn how to leverage and align Lean principles to our specific laboratory work environment through the assistance of worker empowerment.

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In this online series, we will define the principles, methodology, and tools of Lean adaptable to specific laboratory work processes. We will learn the strategy to develop or simplify processes by the adoption of 8 of the 14 principles described by Jeffrey Liker Ph.D. in the Toyota Way, Liker (2004). We translate and adapt these operational principles specifically to laboratory workflow as the foundation, blueprint and standard approach to continuous improvement in your laboratory. By adoption of these principles, we illustrate how to improve workflow by identifying and eliminating the 8 deadly wastes referred to as non-value add activities. Through a structured approach to waste elimination, the Lean tools and techniques used as the standard methodology will assist to remove bottlenecks, improve inefficient processes and gain operational efficiency in the diagnostic laboratory. The selected 8 of the 14 operational principles are as follows:

    1. Create a continuous process flow
    2. Use the “Pull System”
    3. Level out the workload
    4. Build a culture to stop and fix problems
    5. Standardization of tasks
    6. Use visual controls
    7. Go and See
    8. Decide carefully by consensus, Implement Rapidly


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