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Process Optimization in the Laboratory


17.5 Contact hour(s)   This virtual series includes a bundle of 3 courses:  1) Introduction to Lean 2) A3 Scientific Problem Solving 3) Observation in the Laboratory: Go See and As Why?  In this series, the learner will understand how to accomplish waste-free process redesign by utilizing a methodology called the 4 Rules of Work Design as described by Spear & Bowen, (1996) in the Decoding the DNA of the Toyota Production System. The 4 rules are based on the scientific method of problem-solving to eliminate waste and redesign the process with a direct waste-free connection from the sender to the receiver through continuous laboratory process improvement.  Through problem-solving, the learner will understand how to use the tools of Lean that include:  process flow diagrams, five why problem-solving, fishbone diagrams, and Plan Do Check Act (PDCA cycles) for A3 problem analysis.

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In this bundle of 3 courses, you will learn the concepts of Lean principles and understand how to apply those principles to your work proceses. The principles are instrumental to initiate your process improvement by first going to where the work is happening to understand how and why defects occur. Once you understand where the problems exist you can apply process improvements to eliminate the problem and create a waste free laboratory.

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