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FREE COURSE: Control Chart


A Control Chart, also known as a Statistical Process Control Chart, uses simple statistics to evaluate and understand process variation.  The chart is a visual representation of process stability.  Using the functions of the control chart, the team can answer the question, “Did the change we made improve process performance?”

Process stability is a critical pre-condition for any change to an existing process.  If a process is not stable, or is out of control, a team cannot know if changes in the data are the result of random chance or if they indicate that the change improved performance.  The Control Chart is a visual representation of process performance over time.  Using simple statistics, the mean and the standard deviation of the data set, a team can quickly evaluate ongoing performance. If the process is exhibiting erratic performance, actions to bring the process under control can be implemented.   Once the process is stable, or under control, changes to improve performance can be initiated.

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