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Bundle: Using Lean Tools to Improve Healthcare Processes


10 Contact hour(s) This online series includes a bundle of 2 courses: 1) A3 Scientific Problem Solving 2) Value Stream Mapping. This Mini-Series will prepare the learner with the understanding, knowledge, and skill to implement effective process improvements in healthcare.  In this series, you will learn the methodology and tools of Lean that will assist you to develop a current state that consists of 5-7 high-level steps called the Value Stream Map. In this course, the learner will develop a current state map illustrating how the process operates today and develop a waste-free redesigned future state by identifying opportunities for improvement.  You will learn the technique to eliminate defective processes by the application of the scientific method of problem-solving.

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The Value Stream Map is a valuable tool to demonstrate a high-level process that begins with the supplier and ends with the customer. The map highlights handoffs, metrics, waste, waiting and information flow. The benefit of the Value Stream is the identification and elimination of waste so a process redesign effort can occur.  The future state is the process of redesigning the original flow noted in the current state and eliminating all of the non-value add steps or waste no longer supported by the customer. Through a structured team approach to brainstorming, we will develop many opportunities for improvement by focusing on waste elimination that will eventually improve the turnaround time of any process. Originally used by the Toyota Production System, the scientific method of problem-solving will be used to eliminate waste, process problems or bottlenecks. Through the A3 we will identify the problem, collect metrics, develop graphs to illustrate the problem, brainstorm solutions and test the validity of the improved process by implementing a pilot and observing to see if the solution was a good fit.


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